Amy Jean Privée Opens at Double Bay

Amy Jean
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Pamper yourself with a luxurious browcation at the newly opened Amy Jean Privée, located at The InterContinental Hotel Sydney Double Bay!

It takes a little work to achieve sophisticated and perfectly shaped brows. In fact, eyebrows today are considered to be more of an art form than just a simple add-on.

Luckily, Australia’s brow queen herself, Amy Jean, decided to open a salon at Double Bay that is ideal for her clientele who want to experience a luxurious ‘browcation’ without having the need to travel far away from the Eastern suburbs.

Amy Jean Privée Double Bay

The Amy Jean Privée salon is placed inside a hyper-luxe private suite of a five-star hotel for an ultimate eyebrow couture experience. This discrete yet sophisticated beauty haven is exclusively tailored for Amy Jean’s VIP clientele.

Amy Jean Privee
Photo credit: Amy Jean Brow Agency/ Facebook

Upon entering the suite, you will surely notice its splendid interiors that exude an aura of both decadence and femininity. Fresh flowers and scented candles are placed in majority of the tables and nooks of the suite that enhance the room’s airy and light-filled mood. Two treatment beds in adjoining rooms are also found inside the spacious suite.

Amy Jean Privee
Photo credit: Amy Jean Brow Agency/ Facebook

Services offered in this luxurious salon include brow sculpt, henna brows, feather touch and mist brow tattoo, lash extensions, keratin brow and lash treatments, forever lash liner, lip tint tattoo, skin needling, and eye elevate plasma tightening.

Apart from these services, Amy Jean also offers her Amy Jean Privée Collection, a selection of brow products, on Net-a-Porter.

The Amy Jean Privée Double Bay is strictly by appointment only. Click here to know more about the salon’s one-of-a-kind Privée Experience.

Boutique to Empire

Amy Jean started off with a single brow boutique in 2004 at Gold Coast, an area that does not have much salons that offer the same services as Amy Jean’s. Upon its opening, the boutique hit off easily given the highly rated reviews shared by its loyal customers.

Soon, word of her skills and expertise in eyes and brows spread. Amy Jean’s services became highly in demand.

She then found herself having a number of influential and wealthy clients coming from all over the world.

Amy Jean Privee
Photo credit: Amy Jean Brow Agency/ Facebook

At present, Amy Jean has three outlets in Sydney, and one in Brisbane, Melbourne, and Gold Coast. She also travels to London every eight weeks to service her eminent European clientele.