Council Reviews 5-Year Library Strategic Plan to Improve Woollahra Libraries in Double Bay

The Woollahra Council has revealed its five-year library strategic plan for the Woollahra Libraries in Double Day and its networks.

Following a consultation with the public, the Council is currently reviewing the plan before publishing the final report and recommendation in August 2019.

The library strategic plan should cover the evolving needs of the community and users of the Woollahra Libraries, located at New South Head Road, and its annexes on Watson Bay and Paddington. At least 55 per cent of residents from these suburbs, or about 32,162 members, use the libraries’ facilities on a regular basis.

Since the Woollahra Libraries opened in May 2016, the Council has strived to make this centre a major part of the community by building a vast collection of books, magazines, audiobooks, CDs and DVDs for loaning. It has also provided members access to downloadable eBooks, music, and audiobooks.

The library has a fast Internet connection, a number of computer networks, and play equipment that members can use for their learning and enjoyment. It also provides spacez for different events, workshops, or group meets.

Photo Credit: Woollahra Libraries/Facebook
Photo Credit: Woollahra Libraries/Facebook
Photo Credit: Woollahra Libraries/Facebook

As part of its review, the Council may call or email members regarding the five-year library strategic plan.

The Woollahra Libraries is an integration of the Woollahra Library and the Local History Centre (Hugh Latimer Centre) on Sherbrooke Avenue.