New Public Plaza to Open on Knox Street, Double Bay

Knox Street
Photo credit: Woollahra Municipal Council

Plans are in the works to create a public plaza on Knox Street, as part of upgrades to eco-friendly public places of a new, $250-million state program called the Public Spaces Legacy Program.

According to Treasurer Dominic Perrottet, the funding has managed to support 60 successful council proposals for over a hundred projects — one of which calls for the creation of an all-new public plaza in Knox Street, Double Bay. 

The Woollahra Municipal Council’s proposal, titled Enhancing and Revitalising Woollahra’s Iconic Spaces Project, aims to create a pedestrianised public plaza in Knox Street that comes complete with new plantings, lighting, public art and seating areas. In order to construct the plaza, the local council has received a $4.75 million grant. 

Photo credit: CC BY/J Bar/Wikimedia Commons

“This pandemic has reminded us of the immense value we all place on our public spaces – our parks, streets, plazas, cycleways, foreshores, bushland and walking trails,” said Mr Perrottet.  “This program and the funding behind it will not only lead to better public spaces, but the work to construct them will boost local economies through the creation of more jobs.”

The new plaza is estimated to be complete and open to the public by the end of 2022. To learn more about the Public Spaces Legacy Program, read about it on New South Wales Government’s website here.

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